Effective Enablement of Cloud Partners

Talking to many Cloud vendors the most frustrating aspect of recruiting and building an effective Cloud Partner Channel is the speed and difficulty of effectively enabling Partners

So how can we improve enablement ? In this post we discuss some steps we can take today to help engage with our Partners more effectively.

The Three 2’s

Too much vendor information A constant theme when conducting Partner Satisfaction Surveys is always that Vendors provide too much enablement information, often unstructured and partial duplicated. It is also supplied in formats that a Partner do not always find suitable, for example a quick video clip is useful but them does not link to the live Partner process.

Too much time required from the Partner  To enable a Partner through sales, marketing and technical process takes a lot of time and commitment from the Partner. They quickly become disillusioned with both the quantity and complexity of navigation around the enablement asset that are important to them.

Too irrelevant.Give your Partners a choice and a personal relevant journey. In other words both personal and focussed on their specific needs when they need it. Of course there does need to be an overall curriculum and tracking and yes assessment and of course suggested leanings too!

Making it work! Partner Enablement Apps (PEA)

Using smart  Partner Enablement Apps to help make all this work is the way forward.  PEAs are available for overall  Partner business planning, sales, marketing and technical enablement. Firstly it greatly increases Partner engagement, secondly it delivers content in a way that Partner choose and thirdly it puts you in control of tracking progress whilst  assessing skills on the way

Thanks for reading and hope you found this useful. If you need some help with your Partner Enablement visit our Partner Enablement Appspage or drop me a note john.miller@deltachannels.com