Helping SaaS and Cloud companies to drive sales, cut costs and add value

Delta Channel Services have been providing consultancy services to the IT industry since 1995.

We have worked with a wide range of organisations, from the biggest companies, such as IBM, SAP, HP and Oracle, to many mid-sized firms and VC backed start-ups. We have a thorough understanding of how SaaS and Cloud businesses operate and the specialist requirements placed on them.

Our experienced Consultants and Associates have a unique insight gained from working
with companies of all sizes and seeing what makes them successful.

Delta operates worldwide and specialises in helping software and services companies build their SaaS and Cloud business.

All our senior staff have held Executive roles in the Industry and bring a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience to each assignment.

Amongst our services, Delta offers to help businesses with SaaS Business development and transformation, Sales Channel improvement, Executive and Partner Recruitment

Our data services support consulting and resourcing projects by providing contact data on the leading SaaS and Cloud organisation, Executive contact data and Partner profiling.

In addition, our Marketing Services Partner offers solutions for lead generation, Social Media training and Channel support Services. Please review our site for more details. Our years of experience and well developed processes ensure that we deliver results in a very cost- effective way. Please contact us if you would like more details on our Services.


John Miller

Consulting EMEA


Shonagh Woods

Social Media EMEA


Dale Bagnell

VP Sales North America


Amita Krishna

Consulting Malaysia


Warren Winterbottom

Consulting USA


Christopher Studley

Digital EMEA


Milind Garde

Data India