Channel Management 101
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Understanding Partner business AND Partner Territory Management
  • What is a Partner – customer or Partner?
  • Why do we need Partners?
  • Different Channel and  Partner types, business models and thier drivers
  • Partner Manager roles and objectives – order taker or business developer?
  • How to analyse your Partner territoryand Partner Addressable Market Opportunity
  • Partner coverage models, partner market growth and white space
  • How to plan and manage  your Partner territory effectively
Partner Growth Assessment
  • Why Partner revenue results are not an indicator of growth
  • The difference between strategic and tactical Partners
  • How to indentify the Partners with the highest growth potential
  • How to assess where to focus your budget and time 
  • Comparing Partners of different types, size and markets
  • Using assessments as benchmark for recruitment
Partner Recruitment
  • Why do you need more Partners?
  • Where do you need them and how many across your territory?
  • What is your ideal Partner profile for recruitment?
  • Why most Partner Value Propositions fail
  • How to build and test a killer Partner Value Proposition
  • What are the main elements of a recruitment campaign
  • How to plan a recuitment campaign
  • What are the best sources of profiling Partner prospects
  • Sources of help for recruitment
Partner Enablement
  • What is enablement and how it impacts Partner sales results
  • Accreditation or enablement, what is the difference?
  • How much should we charge for enablement??
  • Typical sales, marketing and technical enablement streams
  • Assessing skills before enablement
  • Providing Partners with flexible on demand enablement
  • Why personal learning journeys are key
Partner Business Planning
  • Why Partner business planning is not form filling
  • Difference between strategic and tactcial Partner plans
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Margins, commissions, ARR, TLV, Cost of Sale – the building blocks
  • Creating revenue and cash flow plans
  • Partner Sales and Marketing Camapign plans
  • Partner Resource plans
  • Annual reviews and new Partner onboarding plans

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