If you are building your SaaS or Cloud business, you will need accurate and up-to-date contact data and market information. This will help you benchmark your plans, find sales prospects for your solutions and services, find quality partners and hire experienced SaaS or Cloud executives.



Featuring the leading executives from the leading Cloud and SaaS organisations worldwide we have a range of standard and custom SaaS and Cloud Databases and market reports available for you. These include:

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Value added lists – add social media, partner profiling and much more

Social Media Services – Marketing Campaigns

Add value to your marketing campaigns by integrating a social media element to give your content a better opportunity to reach a wider audience. Enhancing your marketing campaigns, whether that be telemarketing, emails, webinars or blog posts, with social media will also provide the essential background and backup activities that will increase your chances of your marketing campaign success. Social media will provide an additional dimension to your messaging that will ensure you are approaching your target audience from all available approaches.

The marketing campaign enhancement package consists of, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Amplify marketing campaign content
  • Promote marketing activities such as webinars / presentations
  • Share blog posts
  • Share video / presentations / webinar recordings
  • Drive website traffic
  • Support telemarketing campaigns – push specific content / messages at time of campaign

Contact us for further details and to enable us to learn more about your campaign and design a social media enhancement plan that fits your specific needs.

Social Media Services – Event Enhancement

To make the most of your upcoming event utilise the power of social media to enhance your event brand message and to amplify the reach of that message to a wider audience. Drive additional traffic to your registration page pre-event, and engage with your target audience during the event, and use post-event follow up messaging to keep the conversation going.

The event enhancement package is divided into 3 stages to ensure maximum impact before, during and after your event.

Stage 1
  • Pre-event promotion and visibility
  • Encourage registration
  • Drive event leads to website landing page
  • Encourage event attendee followers
Stage 2
  • During event awareness
  • Drive visitors to the booth / meeting / presentation
  • Engage with attendees
  • Photos / video of event activities / presentations
  • Gain followers
  • Establish contact to set up follow up calls and meetings
Stage 3
  • Post event follow up
  • Promote follow up materials / recordings / videos / photos
  • Engage in discussion points raised at the event (keep the conversation going)
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Follow up meetings / calls


Contact us for further details and to enable us to learn more about your next event and plan a campaign and social media enhancement plan that fits your specific needs.