Introducing DeltaPlan Partner Edition

You are either on a journey to develop a new SaaS or Cloud solution business, or you were “Born in the Cloud”.

You may be a Software Developer, MSP or a vendor Partner. Regardless, each business model has parallel but custom journeys with similar destinations based on recurring revenues. DeltaPLAN Partner™ has been developed to help you to plan, execute and review your journey’s progress and guide you successfully to your destination.


Plan your Saas Solutions

Defining your Cloud or SaaS solution and comparing it to the On Premise equivalent is an important exercise. We have used a Best Practice solution template to assist you. The On Premise solution maybe your own current solution or an older legacy solution. It may also represent the existing solution that your customer has today from another vendor. A valuable and easy way to compare and help your solution market positioning.


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Calculate your solution pricing

Your customers will want to know if your SaaS or Cloud hosted solution will cost them more or less over the lifecycle compared with their existing On Premise solution. We use a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model so that you see dynamically the impact of changing variables such as the annual subscription rates.

This will help you define your Value Propositions to customers, control customer transfer rates and quantify the opportunities for value added services.

This section provides input into the revenue and cash flow models.

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Test your market opportunity

In this section we take a look forward from your current market to where your transition or growth will take you over the next 4 years which is a typical lifecycle timeframe.

We categorised 3 types of sales – existing On Premise, Transitioned Customers and New SaaS/Cloud solution sales. If you do not have an On Premise solution you can use the categories to cover Retention, Expansion and New sales.

This section provides input into the revenue and cash flow models

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Revenue plan

Automatically gathers all your results to form your  SaaS revenue plan. See your current status assessment compared with Industry Average and generates both analysis and recommendations on next steps to move your journey forward

As a living project management document it enables you to define actions, owners and track the status of each part of your plan. These can be shared with all your internal stakeholders and as appropriate with vendors too

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