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As a subscriber, you’ll get dozens of benchmarking studies every year on financial ratios, executive compensation, online marketing trends, tech support costs, growth rates, employee productivity, and other key business metrics—the data you need to measure and fine-tune virtually every aspect of your operations. Our basic benchmarks start with analyses of the performance of 52 “Benchmark” companies broken into SaaS enterprise, SaaS sales and marketing, SaaS B2C vertical, mobile B2B, mobile B2C, social networking, and on-premise categories, as well as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle in a special group. Numbers analyzed include:

  • Revenue per employee
  • Operating income
  • Operating income per employee
  • Days sales outstanding
  • Return on equity
  • Services margins
  • General and admin as % of revenue
  • Sales and marketing as % of revenue
  • Research and development as % of revenue
  • Executive Compensation Benchmarks


In addition to the above, Softletter also provides executive compensation figures on salaries for CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CSOs and CMOs. We look at compensation levels for our Benchmark 52 firms, leading publicly held software firms, and via our executive compensation surveys which cover both public and privately held firms.


Extensive Operations and Best Practices Research and Benchmarks


Softletter also conducts ongoing research into every aspect of running a successful software business. We cover best practices and metrics for software companies in the area of staffing, sales compensation, lead generation, and more. And we enjoy working with our subscribers to create and launch specialized studies and surveys.


An Executive’s Toolkit of Invaluable Advice and Insight


Of course, you can’t run a company by the numbers alone. So we also bring you expert tips from our network of industry consultants, veteran managers, and strategists. You’ll hear about how to improve your lead generation programs. How to market services more effectively. How to optimize subscription pricing, use analytics more effectively in your business planning, create powerful communities of customers, optimize your social marketing campaigns, and much more.


Enrollment to SaaS University


Watch 35 separate sessions from the best of Softletter’s recent SaaS university conferences. Each session has been packed with actionable information and data available nowhere else. Now, SaaS University goes online with the best of our 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 sessions, accompanied with presentation decks with new videos and content being added in 2016. Prepare your business to grow and succeed online at SaaS University as part of your Softletter subscription.

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Corporate Subscription Bundle – up to 10 executive subscribers  for $1500


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Individual Executive Subscription Bundle – personal access for $799

Package includes the Softletter quarterly newsletter and  Softletter financial, sales compensation and lead generation reports. Also included is access to the SaaS Video University Online. Alo claim a  free copy of SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Succeeding in Your Cloud Application Business and the SaaS Entrepreneur Virtual DVD


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The Annual Softletter SaaS Report -$599


The Softletter SaaS Report is the most up-to-date source of metrics, benchmarks, and information available today on software publisher’s attitudes and best practice approaches to the SaaS business model. The recently published 2016 report contains over 500 pages of the latest benchmark data Comprehensive study of all aspects of running a company on the SaaS business model. Report covers: revenue performance, trial and freemium conversion rates, churn and renewal rates, adoption of multi-tenancy, security standards, uptime guarantees, use of open source, pricing models, marketing and sales, discounting, SaaS channels, and much more.