Channel Management 101 Resource Centre

Welcome to the channel management 101 resource page.

Here you will find resources to help you refresh what you have learned and to apply it day today

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Partner Assessor

Partner Recruiter

Partner Manager

Training Modules

Module 1: Partner Business

Module 2: Partner Territory Management

Module 3: Partner Assessment

Module 4: Partner Recruitment

Module 5: Partner Enablement

Module 6: Partner Planning

Training Materials

As attendees to the course you will receive a three month free trial to partner manager.
In order to load your partner data please use the two file templates below. The first is to upload your partner basic contact and profile data.

The second file is to upload your partner KPI  (Key performance indicators) data. Please note that these column headings  can be edited to reflect the KPI‘s that you use. If you would like further explanation or help in uploading these files please contact us.

Example Partner KPI-Template

Example Partner base data template

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Partner Assessor is the perfect start point for existing Partners to identify high growth potential and which Partner programs to invest in.

Everyone wants the good partners and demand outstrips supply. Partner Recruiter will help you find and recruit the best Partners faster.