Delta Channels - Partner Manager Apps

Identify high growth Partners, prioritize channel programs and feedback on Partner Experience.

Selecting high growth Partners

  • Revenue results only give a base idea of the potential for growth. Assess your Partners on a basket of criteria strategic fit, communication, new business skills, motivation and more
  • Assess your Partners Experience. It is vital to get your Partners input on what they need to grow and how valuable your propositions and support are
Partner Assessor

Proirtize Partner Investment

  • The completed assessment allows you to rank and prioritise your Partners for investment of your time and resources. Equally gain great savings in the Partners with low growth potential
  • Create a Channel Investment plan based on facts to see where and how much to invest in programs. Develop individual Partner plans to deliver the growth potential

Partner Experience Assessments

Drive Partner growth

Partners need to be assessed not just on their historic revenue performance but also on their growth potential. Partner programs need to be assessed in their effectiveness in driving growth. Investment decisions need to be based on Partner experience feedback.

Partner Assessor provides you with all these capabilities to quickly and easily define which Partners, Programs and Resoures to prioritize and invest in.


Growing revenue by 30%

Partner assessment makes compelling financial sense, improving effectiveness of Partner engagement, enablement and execution.

Historically most channel deliver 80% of revenues from the top 20% of Partners. But which Partners have the growth potential to drive 30%  growth and more?

Partner Assessor drives a structured process to enable you indentify and invest in your high growth potential Partners.

Assess Partner Growth Potential

Assess Partner Experience

Prioritize Partners, Programs and Resources

Create Channel Development Plan

See how you can assess your global partner portfolio identify fast growing partners, which partner programs are effective and where to focus your budget and resources

Now you have selected the high growth partners to focus on you need to assess thier sales, marketing and technical skills to better enable them and dirve higher revenue 

Let Partners give you feedback on their Partner Experience, your performance and how you compare to other vendors too!