Recruit the best partners to maximise your business potential

Everyone wants the good partners and demand simply outstrips supply. Vendors can find themselves in a highly competitive marketplace

Why are ideal Partner profiles important?

It is because it’s the number one reason why effective partner engagement does not happen – because you’ve either profiled the wrong partner or have the wrong or loose partner profile.

Especially in this period of digital transformation, many partners are looking to evolve their business model and the solution and services they provide, which of course could also be an opportunity.

What is important however in terms of developing an ideal partner profile is that you have a structured process and a single agreed definition of those profiles.

How to differentiate your Partner Value Proposition

We know from experience that many partners reaction will be to these typical value propositions will be “So What”. Indeed if we go to many vendors websites and look at their partner portal pages you could literally change the product or branding and many value propositions would be the same.

So from the get-go you’re value proposition is just one of many and as we said earlier, when you’re talking to good partners or certainly busy partners, you are not differentiated. You need to build a “Killer” Partner Value Proposition, here is how…


Apps COG

Recruiting the Best Partners Faster

  • Easily map your Partner coverage model and find gaps for recruitment
  • Define the key components of an Ideal Partner and build your profiles
  • Learn how to build a “Killer Value Proposition” that differentiates you
  • Test the Value Proposition – internally and with Partners for max success
  • Measure ongoing Partner recruitment progress and closure of recruitment gaps

Includes these recruitment steps topics:

  • Partner Coverage Model
  • Recruitment GAP analysis
  • Ideal Partner Profiling
  • Killer Partner Value Propositions (PVP)
  • PVP Short Listing
  • PVP Testing

Features include:

  • Use for Partner recruitment from 10 to 1,000 Partners
  • Coverage analysis by partner type, by region,by solution, by market
  • Ideal Partner Profiling
  • Build Killer Partner Value Propositions
  • Custom versions unlimited topics
  • Any language translation for global use
  • Import/Export to CRM/PRM systems

Partner recruitment types include:

  • Resellers and VARs
  • Agents
  • ISV software developers
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Distributors
  • Hosting ( Hypescalers)
  • Managed Services Partners
  • Consulting and Systems Integrators
  • Alliances