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Recruit the best partners faster to maximise global coverage

Recruit the best Partners 

  • Define where you have Partner coverage gaps by geography, by market, by solutions
  • Define Ideal Partner Profiles based on business type, size, solutions, markets, complementary and competitive solutions
Partner Recruiter

Recruit Partners faster

  • Build a Killer Value Proposition, stand out from the crowd, get to the best Partners at the right level quickly
  • Build a recruitment campaign plan – profiling and building a target list with dates and milestones for recruitment , enablement and sales execution

The Demo Below Shows You How You Can Find Better Partners Faster

Too much Partner recruitment is reactive, Partners approach vendors and sign up for many reasons – they want the logo, they have a one off customer need, they want access to leads. Not always the best reasons.

Most vendors also want more new Partners, for new geographies, new markets and new solutions. They also want best, but in todays market especially for Cloud and SaaS Partners, demand outstrips supply. 

Proactive recruitment of Partners to replace or find new Partners is a vital ongoing part of building channel revenue. Too often Partner Managers do not have the time or skills to dedicate to ongoing recuitment campaigns.

There has to be a better way and there is! Over the last 25 years of recruiting Partners we have develop best practice process. This is now avaiable in an easy to use app that takes you step by step through defining your Ideal Partner Profile, building a Killer Value Propostion, testing it  and then developing a full recruitment campaign plan. You can either execute the campaign yourselves or get help from one of our Partners to run the campaign for you!

INFOGRAPHIC - Partner Recruiter

Why are ideal Partner profiles important?

It is because it’s the number one reason why effective partner engagement does not happen – because you’ve either profiled the wrong partner or have the wrong or loose partner profile.

Especially in this period of digital transformation, many partners are looking to evolve their business model and the solution and services they provide, which of course could also be an opportunity.

What is important however in terms of developing an ideal partner profile is that you have a structured process and a single agreed definition of those profiles.

How to differentiate your Partner Value Proposition

We know from experience that many partners reaction will be to these typical value propositions will be “So What”. Indeed if we go to many vendors websites and look at their partner portal pages you could literally change the product or branding and many value propositions would be the same.

So from the get-go you’re value proposition is just one of many and as we said earlier, when you’re talking to good partners or certainly busy partners, you are not differentiated. You need to build a “Killer” Partner Value Proposition, here is how…


Define Partner Coverage Gaps

Profile Ideal Partners

Create Killer Partner Value Proposition

Plan Recruitment Campaign