Do you want better results from your sales channels? Here is how!




Everyone’s business plans are changing this year and for most sales channels play an increasingly important role in driving sales to cover geographies and markets more cost effectively

How well are your sales channels aligned?

  • Are your direct sales now travel restricted?
  • Do 80% of your Partner revenues come from 20% of your Partners?
  • Have you gaps in your global market coverage?
  • Do your digital channels only go 70% of the sales journey?
  • Is your Cost of Sale too high?

If you answered yes to any of these then


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The alignment of your Business Plans and Partner Portfolio is key to delivery of your sales

Identifying high growth Partners, recruiting better Partners faster, Partner plans based on benchmark metrics and effective Partner enablement drives major growth in sales

Sales channels are playing a growing role in building cloud business. The latest Softletter100* survey shows more than 53% of cloud companies are using Partners and the channel ARR is growing quickly in-line too. This applies equally to born in the cloud companies and those on a transition from conventional custom and on premise solutions

The reasons are clear too sales channels can both provide extended coverage in new markets and geographies and also deliver a better profitability. With many Cloud companies spending up to 30% of revenue as a cost of sale this is very significant area for improvement

This channel movement provides cloud companies with both opportunities and challenges. In all these phases of the Partner lifecycle you need to optimize performance. The good news it that the lifecycle has a multiplier effect so small improvements have a large cumulative impact on revenue. Learn how the combination of Partner Portfolio Management apps supported by our consulting and training services deliver typically 30% results improvements!

Grow your Partner revenues quicker using Partner Portfolio Management

  • Fulfilling the full growth potential of your current Partners with more solutions and  new markets
  • Finding and recruiting new Partners with an attractive value proposition
  • Making effective engagement once recruited, many Partners never engage
  • Delivering effective enablement quickly with a fast time to revenue
  • Making realistic and realizable Partner business plans and revenue targets
  • Improving Partner Experience – if you are not rated as a vendor they will not engage


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The development and management of an optimized sales channel is vital to cloud companies

Delta, based on their 25 years of channel experience building and managing Partner channels, have developed a family of Partner Management Apps aimed at improving performance in each step of the life cycle. 

By implementing these methodologies, with the easy to use Partner apps, the target is to improve performance by 10% in each of the main sectors of the life cycle – Partner selection and planning, recruitment and enablement, sales and marketing execution. These cumulative improvements deliver an overall 30% performance improvement which translates into growing recurring revenues





Delta are the recognized channel development experts, working in 40 countries over 25 years.

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We have worked with SAP and Bentley Systems for a quarter of a century and many other market leaders such  IBM, Oracle, Siemens, HPE, Progress Software,Temenos and many small and start up cloud companies delivering Partner growth and improved Partner experiences.

Based our proven Partner Lifecycle development workflows and benchmark data we have created a family of Partner Management Apps. These help you build, optimize and better manage Partners performance throughput the lifecycle.


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We would be pleased to offer you a tour of these Partner Management Apps to help you on your Cloud and SaaS channel development journey.

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