In our recent webinar: SaaS and Cloud Sales Methods, we talked about the 10 critical factors for success:

1 What type of company do you want to be and what type of products and services will you offer.

2. Have you looked at the market and the players in it. What are your competitors doing and how are they doing it.

3. What is your value proposition. Having an SaaS offering is not enough, me-too will not attract new customers.

4 Have you profiled your customers.

5. The marketing of Saas and Cloud solutions is very different to legacy sales.

6 Financial models cuts across all aspects of the business.

7. One of the major costs is personnel and it is vital that you have the correct people for the job.

8. Another way to save cost is to work with Partners on all but your core business.

9. As part of you eco system you may want to include billing experts.

10. In SaaS face to face selling is declining. On-line closing of business, based the client’s research backed up with consultancy and industry expertise becomes the norm.

Click here to listen to the webinar in full.

As mentioned in the webinar here is a link to our readiness survey which you can use to assess your progress, and focus on what steps you need to take in order to advance. The results will be 100% confidential and we will send you a personalised analysis detailing your current strengths and weaknesses and what your next moves should be.

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