With thousands of enterprises across the globe betting on the cloud to build their future, knowing who’s ready for it can prove crucial.

Hybrid cloud services provider Pulsant has launched a software as a service (SaaS) tool to determine the readiness of independent software vendors (ISVs) and software companies in starting or furthering the move to developing a cloud-ready proposition.

The tool has been built in partnership with Delta Channel Services combining skills, expertise and resources from both companies.

The tool delivers an end-to-end service that assists software vendors in overcoming the challenges associated with adopting a cloud product from both a commercial and technical point of view.

Chris Roberts, channel director, Pulsant, said: “In the journey to a software-as-a-service business model vendors need both the consultancy around the commercial aspects, from remuneration and a go-to-market strategy, to the feature set and build of the product itself, as well as the technical infrastructure support that deals with performance, service levels and security.

“This is why the partnership with Delta Channel Services is one that really allows us to meet the needs of our ISV customers and prospects, and take them through the often challenging journey of adopting cloud-ready solutions into their portfolios.”

John Miller, director, Delta SaaS Services, said: “We understand that the task of moving to a cloud-based proposition can be daunting, with changes needed across the board, from the business model and remuneration, to sales and marketing plans, and SLAs.

“This is all something that Delta has considerable expertise and experience in handling for ISV customers, as well as in developing the software itself.

“But more than that, often they need those same skills in a hosting provider with the right accreditation, scale and technical competency that Pulsant can offer.”