Following the success of our previous webinar series on best practice approaches for business transformation for SaaS and Cloud solutions we are now focussing on the development and execution of Smarter Sales and Marketing.

Whether you are a full SaaS player, supply based Cloud solutions or services you need smarter sales and marketing to drive down cost of customers acquisition and reduce sales cycle times

We know that more and more of the customer journey is digital first with up to 70% of the journey complete before direct contact. The recent Technology for Marketing Exhibition in London had a key theme of also making the digital content relevant, personal and creative.

The new series of free webinars brings together the key relevant topics, leading international experts, new creative ideas and latest media. The most important ingredient is your ability to join and engage interactively in each workshop enabling you to assess your readiness and plan your new digital assets for smarter sales and marketing.

Learn how to transform your sales and marketing processes, skills, techniques, tools and media to deliver shorter sales times at lower costs


October 24th What’s DAT? Making relevant digital content happen!


  • Defining effective web sites, portals and platforms
  • Interacting with your customers using digital media
  • Sales presentations announcing the death of PowerPoint
  • Engaging customers with apps – surveys, assessments and proposals








November 7th SaaS Websites and Interactive media workshop


  • Learn how to transform your sales and marketing websites and media.
  • Moving from web marketing to e-business
  • Interacting with customers from first touch
  • Packed with case studies, live interaction and examples.





November 21st Sales and Marketing platforms and customer engagement apps workshop


  • Learn how to build relevant sales and marketing platforms.
  • Death of sales PowerPoint – viva interactive video
  • Converting excel sales tools to apps
  • Packed with case studies, live interaction and examples.







November 28th  Sales and Marketing key metrics for SaaS and Cloud businesses


  • The latest key metrics based on the 2017 Softletter Financial Handbook which surveys all the leading SaaS and Cloud players
  • Sales and marketing expenditure trends
  • Sales and marketing staffing ratios
  • Compare On-Premise, Cloud, SaaS for Enterprise, B2B and B2C leading players





December 5th

Digital Sales Transformation – the techniques and tools


  • DST in the end to end sales cycle
  • Replacing face to face customer sales meetings
  • On-line demos to win
  • Land and expand with digital assets

Packed with case studies, live interaction and examples and lead by industry experts