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A couple of weeks ago I visited the Technology for Marketing exhibition in London. The event was packed!! lots of exhibitors, people and great ideas. As the name suggests the show was all about how we can use technology to help engage our customers and market our businesses better,from using artificial intelligence or AI right through to content creation and successful marketing campaigns. There was some great keynotes around these areas

but I guess for me at least some of the salient points were making content relevant and more personal. I have always talked about sending the right messages to the right audience and was a pleasure talking to marketeers and these ideas being reinforced once again . Bombarding the masses with lots of messages that maybe completely irrelevant clearly these days more than ever  is just a big NO!  this is true for your online presence too. Studies suggest that a website visitor initially  makes up there mind within seconds on whether  the business , service or product is right for them – back to those important messages.For years I have tracked analytics , web page views time spent on websites open and bounce rates and to be honest it is difficult to please everyone ,or is it? using the latest in technology, being creative and innovative we can change this. Marketing is changing and how we connect and engage with our customers is changing too. As we all know customers  are using technology more and more to find, research and purchase products, solutions and services online it’s important that we use technology too and get the most out of our online presence and marketing.


So how can we improve our marketing ? here are some steps we can take today to help engage with our customers more.


The three B’s


Be original Don’t just pick images or graphics that customers have seen over and over again and  be original. Have content created that is relevant, meaningful and sends the right message. Be fun, introduce some humour – with discretion of course :-) but be original


Be relevant and don’t overdo it  Mass mailing people with generic messages that may not be relevant  and sending a constant stream of emails is likely to get your emails trashed every time the receiver sees it. Be relevant to your audience, its better to send less emails, adopt a more targeted approach and most importantly give your customers information that they WANT to receive. Your website can be your greatest tool or you biggest enemy.Construct pages that are specific to the topic rather than trying to send all messages on one page. This works better for your customers and your website will rank higher in the search engines.


Be personal.Give your visitors choice. A good example of this is  If I buy something for my gran online, a pair of shoes for example  I would not want to be know as a woman of 70 that likes a particular clothing line. So give me a way to easily update my preferences to receive content that is relevant for me . On newsletter sign ups you can do the same , allow people to choose what they want to receive. Do your research , find out what your customers want and try to make sure that you target your audiences appropriately.


Making it work!

Using technology to help make all this work needs to be broken down into sections and I will be creating some blog posts on each of these I just wanted to give you some insight .A good start is to make sure that your email campaigns, website and any other marketing you do is device ready and works on a range of user environments. Introduce buttons for clicks on a mobile device rather than the dreaded ” click here text” name the link appropriately you content is not about ” click here” and you really don’t want the search engines to improve your ranking and visibility for that search term.

Consider creating some animations, or video that will help increase engagement. Again studies suggest that video can increase retention and enjoyment significantly.

Allow your customers to connect in the way they want too whether it’s through social media or voip or chat  services like skype.


Thanks for reading and hope you found this useful. If you need some help with your digital assets visit our Digital Asset Transformation page or drop me a note


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Christopher Studley