Drive Partner growth by answering these questions

  • Which are the Partners with the best growth potential?
  • Which Partner programs are the most cost effective?
  • How do we compare the potential of different Partner types?
  • Which Partner regions and countries should we invest in?
  • How do Partners rate our performance as a vendor?

To answer these questions and make informed investment decisions you need to undertake an assessment of your Partners current and future performance potential

To ensure Partners and Partner Programs are performing to the maximum it is essential that the relationship works for both parties. Using our 25 years of experience assessing hundreds of vendor companies and thousands of Partners we have developed a range of Partner Assessment and Performance Improvement apps

These apps provide reports on which Partners and Programs have the most potential so you can concentrate your efforts to ensure your marketing and support budgets are spent in the most efficient way.

Growing revenue by 30% by releasing potential

Partner assessment makes compelling financial sense, improving effectiveness of Partner engagement, enablement and execution and typically produces up to a overall 30% performance improvement which translates into sustained recurring revenue growth and a lower cost of new customer acquisition

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For current and future Partners:

  • Existing Partner growth potential
  • Partner Experience (Satisfaction) surveys
  • Profiling for Partner recruitment
  • Assessing Partner sales and marketing skills
  • SaaS business digital transformation progress

Includes these growth topics:

  • Engagement of  both Channel Manager and Partners
  • Existing Partner Experience
  • Growth Issues and Potential Profitability
  • Commitment & Motivation
  • Digital Transformation
  • New Partner Strategic fit

See the full story in the webinar video!

Features include:

  • Use for Partner Channels from 10 to 10,000 Partners
  • Pre loaded best practice based Assessments
  • Automated analysis by partner type, by region, by channel manager
  • Automated Partner growth recommendations and actions
  • Global Management dashboard and reports
  • Custom versions unlimited topics
  • Any language translation for global use
  • Import/Export to CRM/PRM systems

Partner types include:

  • Resellers and VARs
  • Agents
  • ISV software developers
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Distributors
  • Hosting ( Hypescalers)
  • Managed Services Partners
  • Consulting and Systems Integrators
  • Alliances


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