See the Partner Manager Channel Dashboard demonstration version below.

If you would like a full function free version with the ability to upload your own partner data click below.

Delta Channels - Partner Apps

Partner Manager: Channel Dashboard

Your Partner Performance at a Glance

Being able to see your current Channel coverage and performance is a vital first step to building channel revenue by setting targets, increasing coverage and defining growth plans.

  • See where you have got coverage gaps globally in Partner and Direct Sales
  • View Partners by region, country, Partner Manager, solution and markets
  • Plan Partner growth targets for Partner revenue, recruitment, assessment and more
  • Upload your current Partner data, connect to your CRM system; link these to the Partner development cycle
  • Access the suite of channel revenue build apps; Partner Assessor, Partner Plan, Partner Recruiter, Partner Enabler

Take the demonstration tour below and see how you can better manage your Partner portfolio to meet your business plan and global targets.

The alignment of your Business Plans and Partner Portfolio is key to delivery of your sales. Identifying high growth Partners, recruiting better Partners faster, Partner plans based on benchmark metrics and effective Partner enablement drives major growth in sales.

In all  phases of the development lifecycle Partner Manager helps you in building channel revenue performance.

This starts with having a global dashboard view of your Partner Portfolio allowing you to make informed strategic investment decisions; which markets, which partners, which regions and which solutions to invest in to build your channel revenue.

This powerful dashboard is quick and simple to use. Upload your Partner data via a spreadsheet and this free and effective Partner Manager app is ready to use!

Delta Channels - Partner Manager

View your current global coverage and plan your growth

Drill down by Region and by Country

List and view all your Partners

List and view by solutions and services portfolio

List and view your Partner Managers

List and view Partner types

Using your Partner Manager global dashboard to plan building channel revenue and  you can execute using these Partner Manager Apps to drive high growth Partners and recruit new better Partner faster

Partner Assessor is the perfect start point for existing Partners to identify high growth potential and which Partner programs to invest in.

Everyone wants the good partners and demand outstrips supply. Partner Recruiter help you find and recruit the best Partners faster.