SaaS Business transformation

In the near future, it’s universally accepted that most Software applications with be developed for the Cloud and offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud hosted basis. There are many technology and economic drivers for this – but crucially, the impact on business models for ISVs, Managed Services Providers and In-House Development organisations is game changing.


We all know that SaaS and Cloud offers opportunity for a fast time to market, global sales revenues and recurring subscriptions, and this fact presents both high level risk and reward, so if you are thinking of offering your software or services on a SaaS or Cloud hosted basis, there are many business and market factors that you must first consider, in order to make the transition smooth and avoid the common pitfalls.

For those of you who’ve already begun your journey towards offering Cloud and SaaS, Delta have created a free assessor that you can use to rate your progress against 20 Critical Success Factors, tell you how you compare to industry norms and focus on what steps you need to take in order to advance. We will send you a personalised analysis detailing your current status.

If you need help making the transition to SaaS or Cloud hosted software and services, Delta are the recognised industry experts, working across EMEA and the US with companies such as Progress Software, Bentley Systems, Oracle, SAP and our Partners Softletter in executing SaaS transformation plans, as well as presenting as key note speakers at IT Europa EMEA ISV and vendor Partners conferences worldwide

Are you moving from offering traditional on-premise software to Cloud and Software as a Service? Get our free white paper on SaaS business transformation from our downloads page, along with many other useful resources for IT companies


Delta would be pleased to offer you a free consultation on where you are in your SaaS  and Cloud transformation journey.